Makeup Maintenance

Bad, old and too much makeup can cause breakouts and make you feel just plain out of control. So here's a newsflash on what to stash and what to trash.
Makeup Maintenance
Makeup is many things to many women: It's compact (no pun intended), it travels well, and it looks as good in your pocketbook as it does on your bathroom shelf. But, bad, old and too much makeup can cause breakouts and make you feel just plain out of control.

Whether you're a makeup junkie or a first-timer, here's an easy-to-use makeup maintenance primer, courtesy of Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, an NYC-based makeup artist who's done work for magazines like Vogue, InStyle and Marie Claire.

Go for a color lift
As the seasons change, you want to look new and fresh. In the winter, why don't you:
  • Make a switch to brighter, fruitier shades of your favorite colors (for lips and cheeks think berries, peaches, apricots and cherry reds for instant pow!).

  • Try new eyes: They'll shimmer in sheer shades of terracotta, violet, pewter, beige and burgundy. Paint a stronger face — showcasing your eyes, lips or blush (but not all at the same time).

  • Leave skin looking sheer, with creamy textures that win over matte every time.

Focus on foundation
Many women tend to fumble with their foundation, leaving off the cap, using their fingers or storing it near a heat source — all of which create a breeding ground for bacteria. For the best and healthiest foundation:
  • Buy foundation that comes in a pump bottle which keeps the foundation bacteria-free longest.

  • Always apply with a sponge, and make sure you regularly wash the sponge in soap and water, or with a tiny bit of dishwashing liquid.

  • Any reaction or tingling means the foundation is not right for your skin type, and needs to be removed immediately. However, don't assume the foundation is bad if it separates — it may just need to be shaken to mix the ingredients together again, whether it's oil or water based.

Powder power
Most powder items, including eye shadows, don't go bad for one year (maybe two), since they don't have much moisture in them (moisture is the number one breeding ground for bacteria).

Lip rules
Depending on the formulation, lipsticks can go bad, especially if you keep them near heat, share them or leave the cap off.

Kick backs
Most women aren't aware that many drugstores and cosmetic companies will refund your money for makeup products you just don't like. So, don't be afraid to experiment.

Sample heaven
To try the newest shades and amp up your own makeup collection, build relationships with several makeup brands and check your department store or the Internet for samples. This will keep you from spending money on the wrong splurge.

When to Hold, and When to Fold
Blush. Powder can last for a year; liquids, creams or gels, ditch after six months.
Foundation. If you use it every day, ditch it after three to four months.
Eye shadow. Powder can last for a year; liquids, ditch after six months.
Lipstick. Ditch in general after one year
Mascara. Ditch after six months.
Pencils (lip and eye). These almost never go bad. Keep them fresh forever by sharpening them regularly.
Powder. Can last for about a year.
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